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Success & Thriving Can Be Discovered With Found Soul®

Found Soul® is about finding success and, most importantly, thriving by discovering yourself and being more aware of your purpose and the magic that lives within you and outside of you while using it to its full potential for the benefit of both yourself and others.

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Gain some clearer understanding on how to manifest your goals, dreams, and desires, and, ultimately, more success and more thriving, more easily by understanding yourself and the world around you.

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The 10 Elements Diagram outer arrows
The 10 Elements Diagram outer arrows
The 10 Elements Diagram outer arrows
The 10 Elements Diagram outer arrows
The 10 Elements - Observed and Experienced Understanding
The 10 Elements Diagram - EaseThe 10 Elements Diagram - FlowThe 10 Elements Diagram - EmpathyThe 10 Elements Diagram - ValidationThe 10 Elements Diagram - ResistanceThe 10 Elements Diagram spiral
The 10 Elements Diagram - Established SystemsThe 10 Elements Diagram - ChoiceThe 10 Elements Diagram - ExpansionThe 10 Elements Diagram - AppreciationThe 10 Elements Diagram inner arrows
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Working with Nathan Steele, achieve the goals and get results you desire with Success Design.

Nathan Steele : Visual Success Design Coach and Consultant
Success Design


33% of profits from Found Soul® apparel and merch sold goes to non-profits with 3% going to each of the following:
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The sad reality is that if we don't get ourselves back into balance with our environment and the planet, then we won't have any place to have, much less discuss, social issues on because we won't exist. Period. However, if we don't work through our social issues, then it is highly unlikely we will solve our environmental issues, because, when all said and done, it will take every single one of us working together. We and the planet can thrive. Together.


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